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The Toucan is a simple but revolutionary product that allows one diver to talk to another diver at any recreational depth. The Toucan is simply an underwater version of two cans and a string – it is more like two cans and an air tube. It collapses to about the size of a beer can, clips to your BCD when not in use and easily extends. One diver seals the earpiece end against their ear, the other diver removes their regulator, presses the other end against their face around their mouth. The speaking diver then purges the water from the system by saying “one, two, three, four” – then begins to speak. It’s really that simple, and your voice clarity is excellent. In one breath, most divers can say more than they want – you can say your ABCs, count to 25 – discuss a change in your dive plan.

Instructors can talk to students – reassure them, repeat instructions, etc., never again bring the whole class back to the surface to talk to one student.

Have you ever had to wait to get back to the boat to find out what your dive buddy was trying to tell or show you? Never miss another interesting moment on a dive.┬áNever again get back to the dive boat and hear “Oh, THAT’S what you were trying to tell me down there!”

Make sure to check out our instructional and demo videos!

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Weight 7.4 oz
Dimensions 7 x 3 x 3 in
Extended Length

21 in


Gulfstream Blue, Hot Pink, Black Coral, Limited Edition Bahama Blue, Aqua Marine

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