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Toucan Instructions

Watching the video is much easier for most people to understand, but if you can’t watch the video, below are step by step instructions on how to install and use the Voice in the Sea Toucan.

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  • Unclip the side release buckle on your BCD.
  • Extend the Toucan – gently pull the earpiece out of the voice chamber.
  • Have the listener firmly press the ear seal against their ear. The ridge on the earpiece should be up (this should cause the purge holes to be on the bottom side of the voice chamber).
  • The speaking diver must be lower in the water column than the listener in order to purge the water. The voice chamber must be the low point.
  • Purge the water slowly by simply saying something like "One, two, three, four" or "Testing, Testing..." Purging the water takes about three seconds.
  • Once the water is purged, speak softly to normal volume as the listener will be able to hear you loud and clear.

Tips & Tricks

  • RELAX! You can say a lot in a single breath. Take your time and practice.
  • Only use the Toucan when you are relaxed and comfortable. Do not use when under stress or in a stressful situation. Concentrate on diving in those instances.
  • Leave plenty of air in your lungs to get your regulator back in.
  • Speak softly and with a regular conversational volume.
  • Have fun!